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What is a summary, we think everyone knows. This is the main document, which shows your data and basic information on your work experience: the name of the position you want to get, your photo (optional), work experience (general and in the direction you are interested in), duties that you performed in previous locations, and key skills. Statistics say that a personnel officer scans a resume in a few seconds, and this is the most important thing the first impression. If some moments cause him rejection, then it can erase all at once. Your autobiography should be concisely compiled, syntax, style and spelling must be observed. A document with grammatical errors does not make the right impression, despite the fact that it can be very complete and interesting. How to write a resume correctly

A job seeker, especially when choosing a job for the first time, is often confused by the question of the “correctness” of the resume written by him. How, what and how fully should be reflected on a piece of A4 paper? What period of life? What to keep silent or frankly lie in the written? Maybe add full weights? Write folio? Start with kindergarten? Or describe only jobs in a responsible position? We recommend to look into the article and deal with the difficulties encountered in full. It is important to properly formulate the desired position. It is important. It is very well worth considering and writing a resume with the presentation of strengths directly for this position. The applicant “and the Swede, and the reaper, and the dude igrets”? How to be in this case? The recommendation is to make three types of summaries, it is easy. Example: “A reaper, an agronomist and on a combine I can manage. There are tractor operator crusts. Or “Tamada, experience of concert activity for 10 years, laureate of the” Bayan-2008 “award, guitar playing courses and school on the pipe.” When specifying a “streamlined” position: “Specialist”, “Any position” by the employer is not considered and is equal to “At least someone.”

It is necessary to fix it on “Specialist of the marketing department”, “Position of a manager” or a full line of the diploma of education “Veterinary doctor”, “Teacher, teacher of foreign languages” and further specialization. When sending out summaries of specific announcements, it is important to copy the job title completely, this will facilitate identification and reduce the speed of response from the personnel manager. It must be remembered that this is a document and not just some kind of school presentation. How to make a resume correctly is a step by step instruction Name, surname, patronymic is an essential attribute that, nevertheless, some forget, inadvertently, indicate. They should be written in the center at the very top of the page, the font should be large or bold. Nearby you can place your photo, which should be in a strict style and good quality. Next comes the year of birth and place of residence. Always welcome, but absence does not mean automatic refusal.

The photo is only business, in a dress or suit, sole (not group), restrained, without distractions. Inappropriate photograph in a bathing suit or coat in the street, with animals, with bulky objects in their hands. What is the purpose of filing? What position are you applying for? Which schedule? Everything must be specified specifically and clearly. Example: after the name you write “Purpose: seeking a position (name accountant engineer driver cashier) “

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