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Since personnel officers do not read summaries word for word, it will be more accurate to say that they simply scan it. When the reader scans, some of the text in their eyes is embellished. Therefore, if your summary in the summary is a large block of text, it will be very difficult for HR officers to notice something worthwhile in this text. If you have been working for more than two years, do not skip this step. List all the achievements that you remember those for whom you were praised. Honorary boards, appreciation, certificates, increase, improvement of annual indicators and awards all this can play a role.

Praise from your bosses and customers, getting into the “best employee of the month” and stimulating attendance is too trite. Think of more significant achievements. Remember that these achievements do not have to be in the last two or three years. If you have been working in the same industry for some time, success in your last position even if it was in a position lower is still considered. It shows consistency and growth. After compiling your list, highlight three more eye-catching and relevant to the position that you are targeting. For example, managers and supervisors are rewarded for their leadership abilities and business building. However, young professionals are more

Employees are not hired solely because of their qualifications and achievements. If this were the case, companies would simply hire robots. Your transferable and social skills are what distinguishes you from candidates with a similar degree and level of experience. Even if these skills are not included in a job posting or are not related to your industry, do not rely on the fact that the employer does not need them. List with examples of transferable and social skills: Now you have a draft list of everything you can add to your resume summary. Set it aside for now. It’s time to investigate the situation on the part of the employer. Study in detail the job ad for which you want to apply. Do not just read it, but rely on keywords that immediately catch your attention.

Determine the qualifications required, the education required, the keywords and related achievements listed in the ad. If you do not know how to find this information or think that you have missed something, ask yourself the following questions: What personal or character traits are they looking for? What are the listed skills and required education? What unspoken needs or objectives does this announcement mention? For example, is there anything in a job ad suggesting that you have to work a little on the Internet and engage in customer service, even if this position does not apply to sales? Let’s analyze this work for a graphic designer: I highlighted tips that make it clear what skills and keywords they are looking for, but are either not mentioned directly or can be better formulated when writing a summary summary.

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