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Human nature is such that it must constantly evolve, improve, seek to apply its knowledge and skills throughout life. It is wonderful when a person can find something for himself and receive sufficient material remuneration for it. The words of Confucius most accurately reflect these aspirations of every person. Usually the most active phase of the search for decent work comes after graduation, when there is a desire to embody the acquired knowledge and you want to be independent, independent. This is the first time, but not the last: the creative person is constantly in search of a lesson where he can realize his outstanding abilities. Quite often it is the second and the third, when the previous work can not reveal the full potential and, therefore, does not satisfy the person.

Since at any moment a very attractive vacancy may appear, so you need to be ready, briefly and clearly familiarize the employer with your skills, knowledge, achievements and, ultimately, with the benefits. If you can clearly summarize why you are an ideal candidate for a job, how a company can satisfy its corporate needs with your help, then your life can change dramatically and you will have new opportunities to improve the quality of your life. Therefore, it is very important to be able to write a high-quality resume.

So, SUMMARY a summary, a way in a short form to provide the employer with a maximum of valuable information about yourself. In our case, a resume is a document in which you describe the skills and achievements at previous places of work or your other abilities, highlighting those that will be relevant to the work for which you are applying. According to the resume, the employer must predict whether you will cope with the work or not. Therefore, you need to help him make a forecast in your favor. A well-written resume should interest the employer and, as a result, you can receive an invitation for a personal interview.

Personal information. Enter your surname, first name, middle name, address information, contact information with you, phone numbers (work, home, mobile), e-mail address. You can specify your age. Education. List schools, schools, courses that you have already completed or where you continue to study. For each place of study, specify the month, year of commencement and graduation; qualification, specialty, rank. Students and graduates can specify the topic of the thesis.

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