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The employer pays special attention to the achievements and successes that were achieved earlier; In this paragraph, you need to list the skills you have that are essential in the desired job. Enter here the computer software and the level at which you own. Mention the knowledge of foreign languages, also do not forget to indicate their degree; Not the most obligatory part of the resume, but this item allows you to tell a little about yourself, about your free time activities. What if your hobby coincides with that of your employer; Provide any information that you think should be of interest to your employer. For example, having a driver’s license, passing various courses, etc It will be optional to list all available recommendations, it will be correct to indicate their availability and provide, if necessary. If this is your first job, ask for a recommendation from your last place of study.

In order for your resume to be accepted and considered by a possible employer, you should follow the above recommendations when writing it. But besides them, you must also pay attention to other things. Remember that the size of the summary should not exceed 2 sheets of A4, the best option is considered to be 1 sheet. Observe the sequence of writing, for convenient and easy reading. The work should be brief, but informative, catchy. About work experience: specify information for the last 10 years.

Give specific figures in their achievements: as a result of my work, the company ranked second in the market, reduced costs by fifteen percent, and so on. The general attitude of the resume should be positive: it helped, grew, tuned, and the like. In addition, you should also distinguish between the specifics of your chosen activity. For example, if you send a resume to an advertising agency, you should turn on the fantasy and arrange it somehow in a special way, add interesting information about your hobby or something that will highlight the resume among others.

Check the use of past tense verbs in the description of past places of work and the present tense if you indicate the place where you are currently working. The most important thing is to indicate only true information about yourself, now companies, especially large ones, try to check applicants by all available means. Of course, you can embellish a little, even necessary, but in general there should be no deception. If the specified data is refuted, you will automatically fly out of the proposed candidates. And remember, the main goal an invitation for an interview, if you have achieved this, then the job of writing a resume is done perfectly well, congratulations!

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