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What is a resume and what is it needed for? If you still do not quite understand what this summary is, I suggest that you give it a definition: Summary is a brief self-presentation in writing of your professional skills, achievements and personal qualities that you plan to successfully carry out in the future place of work in order to obtain compensation for them (for example, in the form of money or other type of compensation) I myself, in the past, had to write a resume when I got a job. After all, without it, no employer will even know about you and your professional skills. I remember when I first sat down to write my resume I needed a lot of time to correctly compile it and arrange it according to all standards. And since I like to understand everything thoroughly, then the question of how to correctly summarize the study has been studied very deeply. To do this, he talked with professional staff and studied a large number of articles on the topic.

Now I know how to write a resume and happy to share it with you. Due to the fact that I was able to write a professional resume, I never experienced difficulties in finding a job. Therefore, my knowledge is backed by practical experience and is not a dry academic theory. So, what’s the secret of writing a good resume? Read this below. Before proceeding to the steps I want you to remember the 3 main rules for successful writing a resume, Rule number 1. Write the truth, but not all Make an emphasis on your merits and do not really mention your shortcomings. About them you will be asked for an interview, be ready for this.

Rule number 2. Follow the clear structure Summary is written on 1-2 sheets, no more. Therefore, try to briefly and easily put it all the necessary information, even if there are a lot of it. Take care to neatly format the resume text, its structured feed. Since nobody is pleased to read Abracadabra. Rule number 3. Be optimistic and cheerful Positively-minded people are attracted to success. In your case, there is a new job. So, we now turn to the structure of the summary. Here you have to write the word “Summary” and indicate who it is. All this is written in one line. For example: Resume Ivan Ivan Ivanovich Then your potential employer will immediately understand who the resume is. For example, you previously called to an interesting company for you to find out if they still have an open job. You were given a positive response and asked to send a resume.

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